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The fishing village of Clovelly is a place that I am lucky enough to visit often, my partner was born and grew up as a cobble kid and his family still live in the harbour. It's the place that inspired my photography more than anything else and the place that saw me pursue a passion. During the summer months you'll find it bustling with tourists lulling about the cobbled streets in the warm breeze. As the winter sets in, it becomes a sleepy village, with most locals tucked away by the fire in the evenings.

The images on this post were taken during the Herring season, which is around November. My partners dad is one of the last remaining fishermen in the village and I feel so lucky, to get out on the water with my camera & experience a little slice of this industry. All the fish is caught on a small scale and using sustainable methods on a beautiful traditional boat.

If anyone wants to support the remaining fishermen by buying incredible lobster, herring or mackerel then click this link to their Facebook page !


Welcome to my blog, here you can expect to find inspiring food stories and ideas from a range of businesses in the Southwest. I hope you're not hungry as there will be lots of food photos!

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