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AbOuT me




I’m a Southwest UK based photographer, with a passion for capturing good food, people and stories. I care about where food comes from, how it's produced, and by whom.


Supporting small and local businesses that centre around sustainable, organic and ethical products is at the forefront of my values as an individual and photographer. I firmly believe that strong visual based stories can inspire and educate, that is why I love working with small businesses to help tell the little stories that matter.



I have a passion for working with small businesses that strive to live their dream and conquer the world!


Travelling India prepared me to photograph food in some testing environments. Meaning I am not restricted to an immaculate studio, I can throw myself into capturing your story, wherever that may be.


Taking portraits of people in action (be it farmers, bakers, chefs or bee keepers...this list could go on) is something I love to capture.


Taking your story and making it a visual masterpiece, so your followers (old + new) can marvel at your product or service you offer as a business.

When it comes to working with small passion led businesses, I am fearless in the pursuit of capturing your story. I’ve climbed aboard tiny boats in lumpy sees, worn a bee suit in an apple orchard to get closer to the hives, and trudged through mud and rain at a farm with my trusty wellies.

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