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For any food lovers in the Southwest that haven't visited St Nicks Market, need to make it their new goal to visit this place! There is a diverse range of different stalls, from Moroccan cuisine, to pie & mash, to cakes & ice-cream, something to suit everyone. I love this market & recently did a project based around this vibrant food hub.

Here is a list of the traders I photographed:

Ahh Toots - For the MOST incredible cakes ever click here.

Brozen - Ice-cream that will blow you mind, it's frozen right in front of you! click here.

Moorish Cafe - Serious mint tea & amazing pouring skills, seriously yummy dishes! oooh yeah

Eat A Pitta - Vibrant salads with crunchy falafel! I want some

Caribbean Wrap - Jerk goat, rice & more authentic Caribbean food, too good! click here

Pieminister - Hearty pie & mash, proper!

Lucy Anna Flowers - Beautiful bouquets, little cacti & loads more! click here.


Welcome to my blog, here you can expect to find inspiring food stories and ideas from a range of businesses in the Southwest. I hope you're not hungry as there will be lots of food photos!

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